Sparky TH 60
power: 500 W, arm-bracket, moves up to sawing the 3200 rpm, maximum depth 60 mm, cutting of the tree have 3 mm, the amplitude of the sawing 19 mm, weight 1.6 kg
Main characteristics
Chassis type arm-bracket
Power 500 W
Maximum frequency of moves 3200 stroke/min
Maximum depth of cut (wood) 60 mm
Maximum depth of cut (steel) 3 mm
Maximum depth of cut (nonferrous metals) 10 mm
The amplitude of the sawing 19 mm
Features and functionality
Mode of pendulum progress True
Adjust the frequency of the True
Illumination of the working area True
Automatic sduv sawdust True
Possibility to connect a vacuum cleaner False
Quick-change system pilok True
Transparent protective shield True
Mechanism of protection against contact False
Handle with rubber grips True
Number of complete pilok 1
Keyes True
Dimensions and weight
Weight 1.6 kg

Flea market
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